Last Butch

virtual, herstorical lesbian bars  
open the 2nd Saturday of every month. 

Everyone is welcome. 

Next Event Saturday, September 10th 2022. 
5pm-9pm PST

6pm - 10pm MST
8pm-12am EST 


A new historical bar is revealed in the existing storyworld at each event. 

Saturday, August 13th, 2022, look out for the recreation of Eve's Hangout, a tea room in New York City c. 1925- 1926. With interviews from historian Jonathan Ned Katz and playwright Barbara Kahn heard inside the space.

This is an online event. Meet up with your friends from all over the world!

Last Butch—Herstorical Lesbian Bars 1925 - 2005 


Past Events

July 9th Last Butch presents Open Bar

June 28/29
Snapchat employees received private tours of Last Butch in honor of Gay Pride Month. 

Last Butch virtual lesbian bars
are celebrating International Lesbian Bar History Day, June 11, 2022 (did you know that holiday existed?) We made it up and made t-shirts so it's real. We celebrated the inaugural holiday at DYKE DAY LA. A perfect setting. If you missed out on a t-shirt we'll have more available mid August. 

Last Butch celebrates Lesbian Visibility Week
May 25, - June 1st. 
Open all week. For everyone. 

Last Butch celebrates Curve Magazine singles event
April 12th, 2022

Last Butch Open bar 

Saturday, March 26th
Open all day. 

Last Butch Open Bar 
February 14th, 2022
February 15th 2022
Open all day


Image from the Last Butch experience

The Lexington Club,  Sam Francisco, CA 

1997 - 2015